Hi, I'm Sundip

As an ex Head of Maths, I’ve now turned my skills into creating fun, immersive escape rooms!

We provide Virtual and Remote Escape Rooms - either coming directly to you or playing online.  

Check out our FAQ's page for more information on how our set up works.


Why Wiseminds Escape Rooms?

  • We provide an exhilarating social experience for ages 8 and up!

  • You'll be building on logical and critical thinking skills whilst completing our puzzles.

  • Love a challenge? We personalise our rooms wherever possible to make the story feel more intimate.

  • They're fantastic team building opportunities for all!

  • Our escape rooms cater to all educational needs so are perfect for schools and colleges.

  • We host STEM based escape rooms for schools working with students to engage them in Science, Technology and Maths.

What we offer


Virtual Escape Rooms for Lockdown Quiz nights


Team Building escape rooms for companies and businesses


STEM based escape rooms for 6-18 year olds


So... What's an Escape room I hear you ask...

You gather a team of players and get introduced to a mission for the game. Whether it's for a birthday or just a friendly group gathering, we tailor each mission based around you and your team! You will then need to work together to search a room in order to discover clues, solve puzzles and crack codes. You have a limited amount of time so be sure to grab a pen and paper as you never know when those clues might come in handy!

"The game contains a good mixture of logic, spatial, and colourful puzzles. The final surprise with a "personal touch" was a lovely way to conclude the game!"

- The Escaperoomers

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