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In light of the Covid 19 situation we have now implemented additional safety and hygiene measures to ensure all of our activities can operate in line with the current government guidelines. Click here to find out more.

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What we do

Wiseminds Escape rooms provide mobile escape rooms for your parties, schools and events. We offer an extensive range of escape rooms, built to suit your need. Our Escape rooms are suitable for all ages 9 and up.


Our educational STEM based escape rooms can be bought to your students in the comfort of your own school. At Wiseminds, we recognise the need for students to be able to solve problems and use key skills to achieve and excel in school. Hence we have created escape rooms based around problem solving using National Curriculum content, all designed and delivered by a former Head of Maths.


In addition, we also offer packages for staff and adults for training and team building purposes, as well as parties and events. Our escape rooms are suitable for different abilities so rest assured there is something for everyone at Wiseminds! 

Individuals must work together, communicate and apply their knowledge in order to break out.

How it Works



Get in touch with us to discuss what it is you're looking. Whether it's a staff training day or a personalised hen party we're here to help. 

Set Up

On the day, we arrive and set up your escape room in your chosen space.

Escape the room

You have 1 hour to escape the room! We can run the escape room again and again depending on your group size and how many times you'd like to play.


At Wiseminds we understand the value of feedback. Following on from your session everyone completes a quick questionnaire and we feedback these results to you.


Our Rooms

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Mikeal Bloomhurst is a master when it comes to online technology. He has created a deadly new virus called Web Worm, which he intends to leak to destroy the world’s economy. You have found your way into his office and now the world is relying on you and your team to find and destroy the virus. Can you do it in time?

You have awoken in a strange and dark scientific research facility where cutting edge research is being conducted on YOU! The facility intends to use you for its trials unless you find a way out. Work with your team members to find clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape safely without being seen.

Patient X.PNG

On a journey through space, you have been discovering life beyond Earth to report to your fellow astronauts back at home. Now on your way back your rocket begins to shake! Can you solve these encrypted space puzzles in order to make a safe landing back to planet Earth?

Coming Soon!

Hired as Archaeologists, you have been given the responsibility of finding the hidden treasure of Pharoah Phiro hidden somewhere in Egypt. However, upon your arrival, something has been unleashed and it looks like its here to stay! You must use your ancient skills in order to break away.

Escape the Mummy.PNG
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Problem solving session

This session designed exclusively for schools gives the opportunity for students to solve some major Maths puzzles using their unique skills developed from completing the escape room.


"It has been so great working with students I don't normally get to work with. The escape room was fun and made me think about Maths in a different way."

- Stopsley High School 


Who We Work With

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We work with students of all ages to provide a unique learning experience.



Teachers also love to get hands on! At Wiseminds we recognise this and provide escape room and training for staff within schools.



Thinking what to do for your next kids party or planning a hen do? We can tailor an escape room to suit your special person!


Corporate events

Thinking of what to do on your next team building event? Wiseminds can help by delivering escape rooms within your corporation.

Price List

Prices vary for Private Parties and Corporate events. Each event is tailor made to your requirements. Get in touch to find out more!

STEM based escape room

(for schools)

This includes a STEM based escape room of your choice for up to 30 students. (That's only £7 per student!)


Party escape room

(for parents and groups)

This package is suitable for kids and private parties. Depending on group sizes prices will vary. 

Starting from £40

Corporate escape rooms

(for corporations)

Corporate escape rooms for communication, leadership and team building purposes for just £250 per hour.

Starting from £250

Get in Touch: 07817302383


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