"Wiseminds have been instrumental in supporting our engagement in outreach towards STEM. The escape rooms challenge, engage and inspire learners to think of creative solutions to problems."

-University of Bedfordshire

"I enjoyed this a lot because I love figuring things out and I like working with other people to solve problems. The best activity I've done using Maths and Science!"

-Queen's Park Academy

"Our students had a brilliant time. The type and difficulty of the puzzles were pitched just right and the scenario made it fun!"

-Cranbourne Comprehensive

"It has been so great working with students I don't normally get to work with. The escape room was fun and made me think about Maths in a different way."

-Stopsley High School

Virtual Escape Rooms 

"Interesting, fun and enjoyable!"

Zena - Cockfosters 

"Would love to do it all over again!"

Emily - London

"A great online activity! Absolutely loved it! 100% recommend!"

Lacmer - Kent

"Wow!! The host was great, clear instructions, everyone worked as a team and we had so much fun"

Lucy - Arup Group

"Such a fun experience, I ended up doing it twice."

Ruth - London

"I loved that it was a real escape room (and not an electronic one) with a real person behind the camera. It was really well planned and executed. It was a fun evening where we could hang with friends and do something a little different.

Nishma - Barnet

"The game contains a good mixture of logic, spatial, and colourful puzzles. The final surprise with a "personal touch" was a lovely way to conclude the game!"

- The Escaperoomers


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Year 9 students working on Operation Webworm