Solve a puzzle on each page and insert your answer into the next puzzle to move forward with the game.

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Our Escape Books proudly featured in Maths Week England 2020

The perfect educational experience for students

"Loved these books! Something for us to do during lockdown and kept the kids busy for less than a fiver!"

"Used Block 52 on my year 9's was great. A very unique puzzle book. Thank you Wiseminds"

"Fantastic books! I completed the free trial first to see what it was about, however loved it so much I bought the real thing!! Block 52 kept us engaged and my kids worked well trying to get to the end. Highly recommend!"

Our FREE trial gives you the perfect excuse to warm up on solving puzzles before the real deal. 

15 UNIQUE puzzles to get your brain functioning and ready to breakout!

Suitable for 11+

Dr Neox has been conducting some weird and wonderful experiments at Block 52. You are part of his next big human trial, but something doesn't quite look as it should. Play Block 52 and find out just what has been happening inside.

Based upon our popular escape room 'Patient X'

Suitable for 11+