Virtual Escape Experience

Why Wiseminds?

Fastest complete time:        48 minutes 32 seconds

Our first virtual escape room, Operation WebWorm can now be played online and brings the fun, thrill and excitement of an escape room to your home, workplace or school.

This experience is perfect for those looking to spice up their ZOOM quiz nights and enjoy an interactive activity session.

Play with friends, family or incorporate it within your online team building days.

(For Schools: Our experienced staff have been DBS checked and can provide details upon request).



£10 per person.

(Min group size of 4.You can all play on different screens)

Recommended group size 6-8 people.

No maximum group size.

Our Escape Rooms are LIVE  with a real person behind the camera.

A member of our team is there the whole time to support with any issues or ask any questions throughout the duration of the game.

In a physical space. You get to experience the escape room as if you were actually there!

Suitable for ages 11+

Time: 60 minutes

How it works

Log onto Zoom. You will be given a meeting ID and a password to enter the  escape room.

Your host will meet you there, introduce you to your mission and help get you started.

Work with your team mates to direct your spymaster around the room. They will be your eyes and ears!

Find objects and solve puzzles.

You have 1 hour to complete the game.

Featured Reviews

Nishma OWW.png

"I loved that it was a real escape room (not an electronic one) with a real person behind the camera! It was really well planned and executed. Overall, a fun evening where we could hang with friends and do something a little different"

Nishma - Barnet

 52 minutes 11 seconds

"Wow!! The host was great, clear instructions, everyone worked as a team and we had so much fun"

Lucy - Arup Group

1 hour 1 minute

"Would love to do it all over again!"

Emily - London

1 hour 5 minutes

"A great online activity! Absolutely loved it! 100% recommend!"

Lacmer - Kent

48 minutes 32 seconds

"Interesting, fun and enjoyable!"

Zena - Cockfosters 

1 hour 3 minutes

"Such a fun experience, I ended up doing it twice."

Ruth - London

58 minutes 41 seconds

"Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Absolutely loved this virtual experience. Have done a few before but this was by far the best! Great host and great game."

Chris- London

58 minutes 4 seconds

"The game contains a good mixture of logic, spatial, and colourful puzzles. The final surprise with a "personal touch" was a lovely way to conclude the game!"

- The Escaperoomers